Friday, 4 April 2014

A Little Orchestra at the Lexington

Unearthed some guy’s bootlegs from Sunday’s gig by A Little Orchestra at the Lexington.

Here, from last year’s album Clocks, is ‘Clocks (part three)’ arranged for several violins and a clarinet; and here, as captured mid-performance above, is me and Lisa singing ‘Pightie 21’.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Praise for The Dark Ages

“Plantagenet 3′s minimalist widescreen projections are perfectly lit, with the added layer of A Little Orchestra adding a judicious touch of the epic. There’s a subtle emotional lilt the strings bring out that compliment Richard Lanyon’s knotty, chiming guitar injecting a different taste of tension to their wares.” 
Sunrise Ocean Bender
“Imagine The Ventures playing chamber music to the clatteringly spare drum machine tracks of Young Marble Giants. Next, imagine all this happening in modern times inspired by the age of heraldry … slow burn guitar that brings to mind a seriously introspective Hank Marvin, whilst violins slice out severe string arrangements. It makes me think of what kind of effect would seawater have on a suit of armour. Stirring stuff.”  
Louder Than War 
“appropriately dark twangingly cinematic” 
“a desert-fried ode to the blistering heat … Morricone would be proud.” 
Sonic Masala

Monday, 17 March 2014

Solo for a DVD player

Digital Versatile Music’ (2014)

for a dvd player

With the power on stand-by, stroke a telephone pick-up coil across the top of a standard domestic dvd player. Move in slow, graceful arcs, picking out ‘sweet spots’ where the most resonant noises can be found and focus on these areas to generate a steady, throbbing hum.

Turn the machine on. Make another sweep with the pick-up coil to see what new noises you can eke out of it.

Insert a disc and press play. Skip chapters and fast-forward. Keep sweeping for sounds.

Eject the disc. Insert another (does your player accept Bluray?). Repeat.

Finally, power off.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Dark Ages

A Little Orchestra and Plantagenet 3 are very happy to announce the release of our forthcoming collaborative ep, ‘The Dark Ages’. The 7" record will consist of two tracks, both composed by Richard Lanyon of Plantagenet 3 with strings arranged by myself. It’s coming out on Jitter on March 24th but you can already pre-order it from Norman Records and listen to a sneak preview below. 

Ever busy, A Little Orchestra are also all over the forthcoming album by The Understudies. Due out one week later, The Understudies will be launching their record, Let Desire Guide Your Hand, with a live performance at The Lexington on Pentonville Road, London, on March 30th. A Little Orchestra will also be playing (along with special guests). Tickets here.

With a bit of luck, copies of both records will be on sale at the gig.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dandelion Ident

This is a little jingle I made for Dandelion Radio I can't even remember how many years ago. I think they had put out some sort of open call on Myspace or whatever and I sent them three or four of which this is the only one that I can still find on my hard drive. Made using a dictaphone and a Casio keyboard by the sound of it. I have no idea if they ever used it.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Dwellings Close at South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013

I am very happy to announce that Dwellings Close, my first feature film as composer, has been selected for this year's South Texas Underground Film Festival. The screening will take place at 6:40pm on Sunday October 6th at the Richardson Performance Hall in Corpus Christi. Director Jorge Cuaik will be in attendance.

Dwellings Close - Preview from Jorge Cuaik on Vimeo.

**** UPDATE: South Texas Underground Film Festival DATE AND VENUE CHANGE Dwellings Close will now be screening on FRIDAY Oct 4th 5:30PM at the American Bank Center 's Harbor View Room in Corpus Christi, Texas. ALSO all screenings at STUFF are FREE

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Monster Bobby At The Edge of the Sea

I have just been added to the bill of The Wedding Present / Cinerama's excellent annual Brighton-based knees-up, At The Edge of the Sea Festival. It takes place across two stages at the Concorde2 down on the seafront on the weekend of August 23rd/24th. I will be playing as the doors open, at 3pm on Sunday so get down early and try not to make too much noise as you order your first pint. 

Also playing: The Flatmates, Marlin, Dog in the Snow, The Missing Season, Tensheds, Flying Wing, The Twilight Sad, No Middle Name, Sivu, Terry de Castro, The Fireworks, plus of course The Wedding Present and Cinerama. More details here.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Quieter Movie: The Perfect Way by Darren Hayman with A Little Orchestra

Darren Hayman's Vine-enabled video for ‘The Perfect Way’, his collaboration with A Little Orchestra, from our album Clocks.

Some more recent reviews of Clocks:

“A Little Orchestra (armed with four violins, and viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, and piano players) feel more like a friendly club than a standoffish organization.” – Textura

“a gentle, summer afternoon in the country kind of record … a fuzzy, homeopathic blanket of warmth” – Helen Clarke at Music OMH

And most appropriately, “une sorte de B.O imaginaire d'un vieux film des 50's” – Dans le Mur du Son

Clocks, which alongside ‘The Perfect Way’ also features collaborations with Haiku Salut, Model Village, Gordon McIntyre as well as three new instrumental compositions by yours truly, is still available to buy.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Traces of Coincidence: Batumi and Not Before on Random Time Radio

My piece ‘Batumi and Not Before’ will be broadcast, along with a short interview, on the temporary Random Time Radio, part of the Addicted 2 Random Festival in Halle an der Saale, Germany. 

According to the website, “Addicted2Random (A2R) seeks traces of coincidence in European music-scapes. Together with sound-artists from across Europe, the festival Addicted2Random examines how the composition of classical European music and the artistic work with coincidence can influence each other in sound installations, radio-art, exhibition and performances.” 

You can livestream the broadcast tomorrow (Thursday July 11th) between 10 am and 1 pm (German time, that is) here. Or you can listen to the track below: 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Clocks by A Little Orchestra is Out Now

“It’s the orchestra that make this record, though. There’s something wonderfully homespun about the sound of Clocks that captures both a professional sheen and the sound of musicians recording in a living room. One might say it sounds “British” in the way it evokes images of sun and clouds against rolling hills (“Clocks, Part 2”) and the quietness of a slow-paced village at night (opening track “Clocks, Part 3,” which sounds peaceful at one moment before eluding to the sound of someone – let’s say a clockmaker for the hell of it – working away into the small hours) – but it’s more than that. Clocks is something of a tapestry, bringing together tales from different trains of thoughts and weaving them together to create a single piece. Like a tapestry, it’s got history embedded in it (“Josefina,” which asks “In your one hundred years, what you will see?”), some folklore (Gordon MacIntyre reels of a tale of a community full of characters in his pleasing Scottish drawl on “East Coast”), and something undeniably personal (closing track “Pightle 21,” which arguably stays slightly too long, but is still lovely). It’s the little things that make Clocks a pleasure, and A Little Orchestra prove that the small things in life are just as important and wonderful as everything else.” 

Clocks by A Little Orchestra is now available to buy on CD or digital download from our Bandcamp page, from our label Vollwert Records in Berlin, or, if you live in Japan, at this formerly Shibuya-based online stockist.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pightie 21

Me and Lisa Bouvier singing Pightie 21 with A Little Orchestra at the launch party for the album Clocks by A Little Orchestra at the Union Chapel last Saturday.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Daylight Music

Model Village + A Little Orchestra play Josefina at the Union Chapel, 8th June 2013.

The single is still available to buy from this bandcamp page.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Little Orchestra in The Quietus

"A Little Orchestra is a classical ensemble formed by Pipettes creator 'Monster' Bobby Barry. The repertoire of the 10-piece group includes compositions by Terry Riley, Michael Nyman and Angelo Badalamenti, although they're most active live and as an orchestra for hire within the UK indie-pop scene. 
The group's concerts have seen them joined by singers including MJ Hibbett, Shirley Lee of Spearmint and Elizabeth Morris of Allo Darlin', or swelling the ranks of bands such as Pocketbooks and Haiku Salut. Guests on A Little Orchestra's debut album Clocks, set for release on June 10th, include Darren Hayman, Gordon McIntyre (Ballboy), Simon Love (The Loves) and Lisa Bouvier (The Proctors)."