Thursday, 9 June 2016

Far Rainbow Take New Cross

Next Far Rainbow gig – Next Monday, 13 June, Amersham Arms, New Cross

From the fb page:

June brings a special joint production of Noizemaschin!! in collaboration with the Sound Practice Research (SPR) group at Goldsmiths.

Entry: £5


Far Rainbow - Improvising duo employing drums, electronics, synthesizers, thunderstorms, cellotape, an electric toothbrush, some tinfoil, and a can opener.

Freida Abtan - Audiovisual live performance.

Neo Fung - Performs live body noise set 'synthetic organs'

Me, Claudius - End-of-the-line noise folk (some Welsh, all female)

Norvoir - Guitar-orientated ambient drone soundscapes

Pouya Ehsaei - Fresh from Manana // Cuba, Pouya brings noisescapes and evocative explorations of evolving textures

Francesco Perticarari - Live improvisation with 'Foxy', a mad feedback delay maze with a live 3D audiovisualiser

Leslie Deere - Kinect-driven downtempo drones, chimes, noise and beats!

Also, check out the new Noizemaschin!! website: www.noizemaschin.comfor more information on our international network of experimental music making!

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