Thursday, 27 August 2009

"The aggressive character of primitive competition leaves its mark on every type of discourse about the Little Other."

The above is a picture of David and Joachim from Montt Mardié performing 'Paraply', their Swedish language cover of Rhianna's 'Umbrella', at Little Other's evening of Special Sounds, last night at Oliver's, Greenwich. The 'cathedral' reverb setting on David's voice rendered every word a wave washing interminably through the crowd, with the piano keys like pebbles washed up in the surf. Earlier in the evening, Same Actor worked up a maelstrom of digitally manipulated sounds from his sitar and dulcimer, Moustache of Insanity charmed us with their sing-along Casio pop, and Monster Bobby belched, mid-song, into the microphone, by way of a tribute to Brian Wilson's performance at Glastonbury 2005. Interval music came in the form of mixtapes made by Steve Reed and Niklas Vestberg, later to be given away as prizes for our Dr Who-themed quiz. As only two teams entered the quiz, and one of them was disqualified for mentioning David Tennant, the cds, hispanophone sounds from Steve and a tasty cocktail of Helen Love, The Shaggs and much more from Nik, were won by a certain mr. Timothy C. Holehouse. Little Other will return to Oliver's, with more Special Sounds, on September the 23rd. I trust I will see you there. . . 

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