Saturday, 1 August 2009

Steve's Special Sounds Sketches

Sketches from Steve at Club Silencio (aka Mrs Reed) of the various performers at the last night of Special Sounds at Oliver's Music Bar, on Wednesday July 29th. Steve would like to apologise for his apparent inability to "make pretty girls look pretty" and hopes it doesn't cause any offence.Dave, from Nine Owls in a Baguette (and Nervous Squirrel, custom electronic instruments), emailed me the day after the show:

"We had a fantastic time, and the other artists were amazing - Kaz Simmons especially (I think that must be the name of the singer who sang about sitting on the garden wall etc). It was a bit worrying playing after such good people.

We just about managed to cope even though the power supply to one synth cabinet shorted out at the beginning of the evening (meaning no synth drums or spaceship noise!) - a wisp of smoke showed that either the synth needs more work to make it road worthy, or that I should learn to play the harmonica instead."

Our next night of Special Sounds at Oliver's will be on Wednesday the 26th of August.

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