Friday, 21 January 2011

A January Song: Darren Hayman with Monster Bobby

Throughout January, singer-songwriter Darren Hayman, formerly of Hefner, latterly of The Secondary Modern, has been writing a song a day and charting his progress on a specially constructed Tumblr blog, replete with embedded SoundCloud widgets and video diaries.

Along the way, he has been soliciting collaborations from friends and acquaintances; amongst them people I'm friends with, such as Elizabeth from Allo Darlin' (here, singing Darren's song for January 10th, 'I Know I Fucked Up'), and some people I hold in very high esteem, such as Higsons founder member and occasional Tom Waits/Robyn Hitchcock/Lydia Lunch collaborator, Terry Edwards (here, performing on January 8th's 'Old Man Hands').

What with this being exactly the kind of project that has always appealed to me, I decided to volunteer my humble assistance - albeit at a distance. And so, you wont find me hiding amongst the trains in the video below for yesterday's January song - a wistful paean to the Epping Ongar Railway entitled 'I Want to be a Volunteer' - but you will hear my trembling electronic soundscapes swelling up amidst the choruses and ebbing with the coda.

Follow Mr. Hayman's progress on Tumblr, download the songs from SoundCloud, and then - why not? - subsequently buy them all anyway on BandCamp.

I Want To Be A Volunteer from Darren Hayman on Vimeo.

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