Sunday, 27 March 2011

Play Wav Tennis!

Wav Tennis is the new game that everyone's talking about!

All you need is two musicians, separated by space, and each in possession of some sort of sound recording software and an internet connection. In fact, the two players scarcely even need to be musicians.

Here's how:

Player One sends a sound file to Player Two - it could be something of his/her own creation, using whatever tools are at his/her disposal, or it could be some manner of 'found' sound.

Player Two boots said sound file up onto their sound recording software and adds another sound file to it (either found or created). Player Two must then find a way of 'artistically' linking the two together, making the beginnings of the first 'work'. The two conjoined files are then volleyed back to Player One who continues in like manner.

Any given serve or return shot can be as long or as short, as simple or as complex as desired, but should extend the work, either temporally or texturally or both. Either Player may also use their turn to edit, effect, manipulate any other section of the work (providing they have also added their own new sound to the mix).

The first 'set' ends when both Players are satisfied that they have some manner of completed 'work' that they would be happy to play to strangers and call their own.

Unlike real tennis, Wav Tennis is a non-competitive soundsport, however if after a volley of some length neither Player feels like they have anything resembling a finished 'work' then they have both, clearly, lost.

Anybody fancy a game?

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