Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Drivetime at Dezeen

The first track from my new Drivetime project, entitled 'A1 Autoroute du Nord: Paris Porte de la Chapelle-Lille' was featured today as part of design magazine, Dezeen's new Music Project, a "new initiative to promote new, original music by young and upcoming musicians." The track itself, a synth-led instrumental in 5/4 time, is available to download from Soundcloud or you can watch the video below... The idea, ultimately, is to get a series of similar video clips of the world's motorways and compose music to accompany them. So if anyone has any similar short clips they can send me of motorways, freeways, autobahns or what have you, do drop me an email by clicking on "Write In" over on the right there.

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