Friday, 31 August 2012

It's The Taking Part That Counts - Paralympic Discount

While protestors picket the DWP in defiance of a Paralympics sponsored by a company whose specific remit is to cut access to benefits for as many disabled people as possible, we are nonetheless happy to announce a games-long 30% discount on all silver edition copies of It's The Taking Part That Counts. 

WIAIWYA's sporting compilation features tracks from Saint Etienne, Darren Hayman, White Town, DJ Downfall and many, many others - including yours truly, Monster Bobby. To access your special Paralympics discount simply follow this link and enter the code "paralympic".

ATOS is a French multinational IT services and consulting corporation, contracted by the Tory government to assess the 'fitness for work' of those on disability allowance. Its testing procedures have been condemned by everyone from a Commons Select Committee to the Citizens Advice Bureau and the British Medical Association. 

Only today, BBC news reported on a 51 year-old woman from County Tyrone who died form cancer, just a few months after being declared fit for work by ATOS. In fact, the same could be said of over a thousand people. For more information about ATOS and how to protest against their involvement in the Games and the UK benefits system please follow UK Uncut and Disabled People Against Cuts.

For more information on how the current UK government is discriminating against the disabled, read this article.

In the meantime, here's Saint Etienne, with the Steeplechase...

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