Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Praise for The Dark Ages

“Plantagenet 3′s minimalist widescreen projections are perfectly lit, with the added layer of A Little Orchestra adding a judicious touch of the epic. There’s a subtle emotional lilt the strings bring out that compliment Richard Lanyon’s knotty, chiming guitar injecting a different taste of tension to their wares.” 
Sunrise Ocean Bender
“Imagine The Ventures playing chamber music to the clatteringly spare drum machine tracks of Young Marble Giants. Next, imagine all this happening in modern times inspired by the age of heraldry … slow burn guitar that brings to mind a seriously introspective Hank Marvin, whilst violins slice out severe string arrangements. It makes me think of what kind of effect would seawater have on a suit of armour. Stirring stuff.”  
Louder Than War 
“appropriately dark twangingly cinematic” 
“a desert-fried ode to the blistering heat … Morricone would be proud.” 
Sonic Masala

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