Monday, 19 April 2010

I Can See Your Heart Beat

The new Pipettes single, 'Stop the Music' is released today on Fortuna Pop! Do please go out and buy it instead of just ripping it off. The 7" vinyl also contains the b-side, 'Who Made You the Doctor', while the CD is a five track EP, also featuring, 'So I Say Goodbye', 'Our Love Was Saved by Spacemen' and a Kompakt Records' Justus Kohncke's remix of 'Stop the Music'. Some people have written some very nice things about it. You can also download an amazing remix of 'Stop the Music' by Kat!Heath! here. We are currently on the road, playing live across England and Wales. The tour looks something like this:

Tonight (Monday): Sheffield, 02 Academy 2 (tickets)
Tuesday (the 20th) : London, Hoxton Bar and Kitchen
Wednesday (21st) : Brighton, Audio (tickets)
Thursday (22nd) : Kingston, Hippodrome, (tickets)
25th April : Portsmouth, Wedgwood Rooms (tickets)
26th April : Southampton, Joiners (tickets)
7th May : York Fibbers (tickets)
8th May: Liverpool, 02 Academy (tickets)
14th May: Darlington, inside out (tickets)
15th May: Birmingham, 02 (tickets)
21st May: Crewe, The Box (tickets)
22nd May: Treorchy, South Wales, Parc Hall (tickets)

You may be interested to know that Parc Hall is a former miner's institute and working men's library, first built in 1892. Apparently, it was used in a recent episode of the BBC's abominable Dr Who revamp. Also, on Tuesday at around one pee em, we will be playing a free in-store gig at Pure Groove Records, just by Smithfield Market, London. I hope to see you there . . .

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