Thursday, 15 July 2010

'In C' at The Lexington, Sunday July 11th.

Sunday last at The Lexington, A Little Orchestra and friends performed Terry Riley's minimalist classic 'In C' for John Jervis's delightful Hangover Lounge afternoon. The result was so entrancing that Mr. Sean "Fortuna Pop" Price assures me he was not once tempted to return to his newspaper. The full roll call on the day was (from left to right, see above), Robbie Knight on the synthesizer, Catherine Carr on the flute, Alex Billig on the bassoon, Paul Mosley on the euphonium, Kit Mason on percussion, Nicola Burnett Smith on the bass clarinet, Daniel Trilling on the Casio ToneBank, Dan Spanner also on the bass clarinet, Chris Guy on clarinet, Melanie Powell on viola, Dominic Simpson on another Casio keyboard, Chris Cook aka Same Actor on sitar, Greg Taylor aka Foxtrot Echo on a Casio Pt-30, and (regrettably, beyond the frame) Anne-Marie Kirby on melodica. Oh, and that's me in the middle relentlessly striking quavers on a C-note hanging from a wire coathanger and gaffa-taped to a bin. A complete recording can be heard below (I should point out that the "by" below is intended merely to express who uploaded the piece and by no means its author):
'In C' (live at the lexington: 11/7/2010) by monster bobby

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