Saturday, 10 July 2010


In about one hour, that's 16:30 BST, I will be appearing on Jonny Trunk's Resonance FM show to talk about film soundtracks and things.

Tomorrow afternoon at approximately three o'clock, A Little Orchestra and friends will be performing 'In C' by Terry Riley at the Lexington, Pentonville Road, London. It's free to get in and Bob Stanley will be DJing (and, yes, they will be showing the football later). In fact, don't just come along, download the score, bring an instrument and join in! We'll be having a quick run though at about one o'clock before anyone gets in so if you want to join in, do try and make it to that - in fact, ideally, email me first.

Next Tuesday, I will be DJing at the Lock Tavern, Chalk Farm, from about eight til about midnight. This is my Weird Music Night so you can expect bits of library music, avant-garde stuff, modern composition, horror and science fiction records and so on. This also free - and upstairs.

The following Monday, that's the 19th, The Pipettes release our new single, 'Call Me', on Fortuna Pop! To celebrate, we will be playing at The Lexington with support The School and A Little Orchestra - probably playing something other than 'In C' this time. Do come down and say hello, it would be lovely to see you.

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