Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Monster Bobby! Live! in Brighton!

Just confirmed, I shall be playing a Monster Bobby gig in Brighton on Sunday December 4th at the Green Door Store, just by the station. I'm on at 7:30, playing for about half an hour. It's free to get in. So do pop in and say hello. I'm quite excited, actually. It's ages since I've played on my own in Brighton. 

Also playing will be Battant, who describe themselves as "lo-fi, electric" and the Guardian apparently describe as like "Adrian Mole on a narcotic comedown". Plus, Foreign Skin, who promise to be "ambient, electronic, dubstep". If you don't believe me, there's a Facebook event page here with all the details. 

There is also talk of cheese and cake. So, worth it just for that, surely?

For those of you who have forgotten quite what it is like to watch me play live, the following clip is, if somewhat old, nonetheless fairly representative.

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