Friday, 1 March 2013

Kentward Bound!

The above photo (taken by Mr. Stuart Flynn) is from last night's warm-up show at the Horse & Groom, Brighton.

Tonight my tour of the English seaside continues apace, stopping at Ramsgate's Caboose Cafe where the coffee is hand roasted and the tea is served in pots and I will be playing a set that will be similar but not identical to last night's (though very probably in the same stripy jumper).

Tomorrow, our tour's last stand, will find us in Margate, at the Tom Thumb Theatre, recently described by Lyn Gardner in The Guardian as “a gorgeous little chocolate box theatre.” At the Tom Thumb, the première partie will be provided by the Mechanical Elephant who sound a little bit like this:

If you would like the Big Other to know that you are coming to this gig, you should probably click “attending” when prompted on this Facebook event page.

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